All DESS products are manufactured according to ISO 9001and ISO 13485 with CE marking for all products

Class IIb

All DESS® AURUMBase® screws and screwdrivers are based on the standard ISO 10664

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ASTRA TECH™, OsseoSpeed™, ANKYLOS® C/X, XiVE®, FRIADENT®, ASTRATECH implant system™ EV and


Cerec® are registered trademarks of DENTSPLY SIRONA Implants

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MIS® is a registered trademark of MIS Implant Technologies Ltd.

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Dyna® is a registered trademark of Dyna Dental Engineering BV

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Bego Semados® is a registered trademark of BEGO GmbH & Co. KG

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GOBALD® is a trademark of Global D SASU.

Biotech Kontact® is a trademark Biotech Dental SAS.

BTI® is a trademark BTI Biotechnology Institute.

PHIBO® is a trademark PHIBO Dental Solutions S.L.

DESS products can be used only by licensed dentists, physicians and labs.